Avoid the Hassle By Getting Our House Cleaning Services in the Des Moines, IA Area

Cleaning is one of the tasks most people don’t have time for. Having already a lot of your plate makes it difficult to create an opening to make sure everything is tidy. Fortunately, at Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we can make your property in Des Moines, IA, shine through our house cleaning services. Get more extra time to complete your daily activities without worrying about anything else!

Get a Thorough Office or House Cleaning Service

Create a Cleaning Plan

A deep house cleaning takes a lot of time, especially if you own a lot of items. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we help residential and commercial property owners make every area look spotless. Before starting the job, we’ll assess the area to learn how many rooms and objects there are and then determine the best course of action. We like to keep our process efficient, so this helps us finish on time.

Our crew will clean everything, including:
  • Appliances
  • Fixtures
  • Walls
  • Baseboards
  • Windows
  • Floors
  • And more!

Prepare Your Property For New Tenants

Remove Allergens

Our office or house cleaning services are perfect for keeping contaminants away and creating a cleaner environment for your family or employees. Additionally, this service is used a lot by people who are getting ready to set their property up for sale or preparing it for new tenants. Make your indoor areas look shiny and flawless with the help of our team in Des Moines, IA. Get a free estimate and schedule an appointment today!

Our Full Range of Services

Hoarding Cleanup

Dispose of any type of unwanted objects following all regulations.

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Hauling Service

Move heavy equipment or cargo from one location to another.

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Junk Removal

Remove the junk from your commercial or residential property.

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Interior Painting

Make your property look cleaner with a fresh coat of paint.

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Cleaning Service

Clean every room from your residential or commercial property.

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Enjoy a Clean Space Today!

Schedule our services without having to rely on Google to complete measurement conversions or other types of information. Contact us today at (515) 815-4599 .

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