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Moving equipment from one place to another can be troublesome if you don’t have the right tools and training. Heavy hauling is our specialty, and we want to share our knowledge and skill with you! Our professionals in Des Moines, IA, are experts at picking up your heavy items, securing them, and taking them wherever you wish. Forget about spending hours thinking about the logistics because we’ve got you covered.

Complete Your Heavy Equipment Hauling Projects

Send Your Objects to the Destination of Your Choice

Owning a commercial building or an industrial facility is serious business, especially if you want to move extremely heavy objects around. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we own a fleet of trucks that make our hauling service possible. Thanks to our expertise and tools, we can safely transport items that weigh 16,000 lbs! We follow our internal protocols to ensure there are no accidents involving your belongings or one of our team members.

Move Heavy Equipment

Change Facilities With Ease

Moving equipment or cargo doesn’t have to be a hassle. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we are experts at heavy hauling! Move whatever you wish from one place to another, and we’ll complete the job smoothly. All you have to do is tell us the time and place, and then we’ll get our equipment on-site to start securing your belongings. Request a free estimate today by calling our team in Des Moines, IA.

Our Full Range of Services

Hoarding Cleanup

Dispose of any type of unwanted objects following all regulations.

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Hauling Service

Move heavy equipment or cargo from one location to another.

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Junk Removal

Remove the junk from your commercial or residential property.

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Interior Painting

Make your property look cleaner with a fresh coat of paint.

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Cleaning Service

Clean every room from your residential or commercial property.

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