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After years of owning and living or operating in the same property, it is normal to accumulate several items. Whenever you wish to declutter, count on us to haul the junk away. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we also offer hazardous waste disposal services because we get rid of large piles of junk and trash other garbage companies won’t. If you own a home or business in the Des Moines, IA area that requires assistance, reach out to our professionals.

Dispose of Items Properly

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We remove unwanted items from your residential and commercial properties to help you get extra space to renovate or to simply keep things in order. Additionally, we specialize in hazardous waste removal because we know that some objects require extra attention. We are committed to making this world a better place, so we properly dispose of everything that we collect by using safe and hygienic methods according to the established regulations. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we like to build professional relationships to gain your trust and complete the collection process smoothly.

Take Your Junk to the Landfill

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Our hazardous waste disposal service is always available! If you also need an emergency hoarding cleanup, count on us to bring our own dumpster all the way to your property, remove the items you want to throw away, and then go to a landfill to complete the process. All you’ll have to do is tell us what needs to go, and our team will complete the job in no time. Your property in Des Moines, IA, will be free of junk after our visit.

Our Full Range of Services

Hoarding Cleanup

Dispose of any type of unwanted objects following all regulations.

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Hauling Service

Move heavy equipment or cargo from one location to another.

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Junk Removal

Remove the junk from your commercial or residential property.

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Interior Painting

Make your property look cleaner with a fresh coat of paint.

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Cleaning Service

Clean every room from your residential or commercial property.

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