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Simplicity Makes Everything Better

Many years ago, we wanted to start a project and requested quotes from junk removal companies. Most of them asked for information that included technical data that requires time and tools to predict. The list of square footage questions seemed endless, and it took us longer than expected to fill out those forms. Our founder Jonathan DeVan, who already had a passion for helping the community of Des Moines, IA, with their projects, decided to simplify this process. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we make our services accessible to everyone thanks to their simplicity throughout every step. 

Our Full Range of Services

Hoarding Cleanup

Dispose of any type of unwanted objects following all regulations.

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Hauling Service

Move heavy equipment or cargo from one location to another.

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Junk Removal

Remove the junk from your commercial or residential property.

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Interior Painting

Make your property look cleaner with a fresh coat of paint.

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Cleaning Service

Clean every room from your residential or commercial property.

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Remove All Those Unwanted Objects

Our job is to get rid of those small or large objects that have been sitting on your property for so long that they become an unnecessary source of stress. We are not just a hauling company. Count on us with your hazardous waste disposal needs to properly remove these substances from your land. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we have experience working in commercial and residential areas to keep making our services available for everyone in the city. Additionally, we can take care of every piece of junk and select the best way to dispose of it. Since we wish to offer environmentally friendly solutions, you can choose to recycle or donate as much as possible before taking the remaining trash to the landfill.

Learn More About Our Exclusive Services

Let us help you move heavy equipment from one location to another through our heavy hauling services. Our fleet is able to transport cargo or other hard-to-move materials. Moreover, we offer other services to add value and appeal to your property. You can get our interior painting service as an add-on to achieve a complete transformation after throwing away all the junk. If you don’t have time to clean every inch, rely on our office or house cleaning service to remove the dirt and dust. Whenever you start a project, all the little details count. At Simply Gone Junk Removal and Cleaning, LLC, we strive to be your best allies!

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Junk removal doesn’t have to be a hassle! Whether you want to remodel your property or simply clean up a bit, count on our professionals in Des Moines, IA. We are here to simplify the process and help you get the service you deserve without having to overthink it. Let us complete the job within the estimated time frames and add comfort to your living areas.

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Enjoy working with professionals who are committed to providing quality services to the community. We assist residential and commercial property owners all over the area. Don’t overthink it and work with us!

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